Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tout le Monde! Un garçon de bébé!

That's right...   I have to announce it to the world that I have a new reenacting buddy!

Born on March 28, 2013 is my bouncing baby boy.  Of course I will put a historical twist on this, so let me introduce him to you:

Meet Jacques the Voyageur!

Jacques is a new member among the batteau crews transporting wheat from the American Bottoms at Kaskaskia to New Orleans for the French Crown.  Jacques has a lively disposition and enjoys singing songs as he puffs on his pipe and paddles downstream among the cargo of trade bales, grain and smoked hams.  

His life is not an easy one; long, arduous days of paddling among mosquito-infested waters with the sun beating upon his head.  The added dangers of river rapids and hostile sauvages lurking behind trees on the shoreline makes every day an adventure that could cost him the ultimate price.  

A short and stout fellow, he is built to work the fur trade.  The less room he takes up on the batteau, the more cargo can be hauled to the ports.  Strong backs are needed for portaging canoes and cargo over the sand bars and rapids and for carrying goods suspended by tumplines onto the shore.  It is all about profits in this business and Jacques is a small part of this venture.  

Really Dad?  You dressed me up like this?  Geez....  

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  1. Congratulations. Now keep an eye on him, they grow so fast.
    Regards, Keith.