Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before and Working on the After

I hope Oprah can give this guy a makeover! 

I figured a before pic was in order.  Here it is...    That's right, GENERIC!  Exactly as I had described earlier.  It is enough to pass a jury according to some of my more serious living history buddies, but I'm just not satisfied.  Plus, it is is definitely NOT French here in the Illinois Country, 1750.  I had originally tried to put together something from a Virginia/Anglo context.  Here's what I've got on from top to bottom:  

Wool Monmouth cap 
Scrap of cotton cloth for a neck scarf
Linen/cotton blend shirt 
Waistcoat in cotton 
Cotton canvas French-fly breeches 
Cotton Socks 
Leather buckle shoes with brass buckles

Oh, the fusil?  That's a French "D" that I built from a kit.  It's staying!   I do have a Fusil de Chasse as well, but my "D" is a tack-driver if it can get me to cooperate.  Shooting is how I got into this crazy hobby and enjoy a good shooting competition as much as any other part of the hobby.  

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